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Strategies for Facebook Brand Visibility

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Strategies for Facebook Brand Visibility

As we mentioned in an earlier post, Facebook’s algorithms have been shifting within the last few months. If you maintain a page for your business or brand, your text-only posts will be seen less frequently. Images and links receive top billing in news feeds.

Here are some ideas and tips to help you make the most of your Facebook page visibility.

Image Ideas:

  • Find a coordinating image that fits your information—preferably one of your own or one you have permission to use.
  • Add a simple line of text to an image using an editing software like Photoshop. There are also free online programs with this feature such as
  • This may not guarantee increased traffic, but if you or someone on your team have more advanced graphic design skills, infographics (visual images such as charts or diagrams used to represent information or data) are becoming more prevalent in social media.
  • If appropriate, post a photo that captures the day-to-day operations of your company, give a face to the name your clients work with or illustrate a more human-element story that will interest your readers. While it’s important to maintain professionalism in all communication, these glimpses help your page’s viewers better connect with your brand.

Link Ideas:

  • The most beneficial link you can post is to your original content—back to your blog, website or another strategic target that will help you accomplish your goals.
  • You can highlight a service you offer or brand feature by linking to specific pages on your company/brand’s official website.
  • Linking to external sites (articles, websites, blog posts) can be beneficial as long as the content is professional and provides some takeaway value for your audience.

Keep in Mind:

  • If you use someone else’s photo, always make sure you have permission to do so and have properly cited the source (including linking back to the source, if applicable). If you’re in a pinch, there are several affordable stock photo websites that sell the rights to images.
  • Never post photographs that may compromise your personal safety and information. This includes credit card numbers, contact information, driver’s license numbers, addresses that may be visible in the background.
  • The keys to successful promotion are frequency (making sure you post enough, but not too often), variety (keeping content fresh by mixing it up) and strategy (only posting things that will add value to your message).

If you’d like to discuss how Create The Movement can help take your brand to the next level, please contact us today.

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