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The Hunt Shopping Event Tulsa


The Hunt Shopping Event

We are excited to be a sponsor and help be a part of The Hunt Shopping Event, which is a progressive shopping event featuring locally owned businesses.  The Hunt is an event featuring a handful of locally owned, truly unique businesses. With a map full of discounts and events throughout the day, shoppers can start and finish at any location on their HUNT for personal treasures.
When is The Hunt?
Saturday, May 31st from 10 am to 5 pm
What is The Hunt?
The Hunt is an annual progressive shopping event featuring local storefronts and artisans inviting customers to hunt for their personal treasures. The Hunt provides a unique shopping experience to introduce and promote local businesses in communities.
Where is The Hunt?
The Hunt is featuring merchants in midtown and downtown Tulsa. On the week of the event, maps of participating vendors will be available to download from The Hunt Facebook page or picked up at any of the participating storefronts. Customers can start and finish at any location on the map.  Click here for the map.Specials
All of the participating vendors have special discounts or activities throughout the day for customers participating in The Hunt.
Find the Facebook Event Here.

See the Tulsa World article Here.

Here is a list of amazing sponsors.

Leah Wietholter

Finds in Tulsa is an innovative entrepreneurial venture with the sole purpose to help local businesses grow. If adding to a small business’ bottom line requires selling products at trade shows, hosting special event nights, or even creating an entire shopping experience, Finds in Tulsa makes it happen.

Finds in Tulsa was founded by Leah Wietholter. After founding a forensic accounting and fraud investigation firm in 2010, Wietholter got the entrepreneurial bug. Looking to serve small businesses through creative marketing efforts has yielded great success. Increasing the reach of a pecan company’s products, hosting Pinterest parties, and co-organizing The HUNT are just a few.

Find Leah and Finds in Tulsa on Facebook and Twitter.

Kortney Korthanke

Kortney Korthanke has been a full-time freelance graphic designer since 2010.  In 2011 she founded K Creative, a design and marketing firm that specializes in providing strategy-based graphic/web design for small and medium-size businesses regionally.  Like our other sponsors, Kortney is passionate about helping small businesses see their dreams come to life.  K Creative also designed the amazing logo for The Hunt.

Find K Creative on Facebook and Twitter

Lisa Frein

Communications consultant Lisa Frein has been providing marketing, communications and public relations support to a variety of for-profit and nonprofit businesses for nearly 10 years. Since launching Kazoo in 2010, Frein has helped key clients gain public recognition, increase sales and grow attendance thereby impacting their bottom line.  Major projects Frein has managed include rebranding An Affair of the Heart of Tulsa (largest arts and crafts three-day event in the region drawing more than 20,000 people); branding downtown Broken Arrow as an arts and entertainment district; and conducting market research to identify strategy and opportunity for a former seminary transitioning into a retreat and conference center.

Results have included increasing attendance to the Heart of Tulsa shows by 17 percent; increasing sales tax revenue collection by 33 percent and attracting 15 new businesses in one year to downtown Broken Arrow; and creating an identity, brand, and launch of marketing tools in less than six months for the conference center.

Find Kazoo on Facebook and Twitter.

Brad Post

Brad has spent his entire career building successful sales teams. His history includes many executive positions within a Fortune 500 company. In recent years, he has honed his expertise in a very complex field — obtaining high click-through and top placement in search engines for many industry-leading organizations.

Brad is the President and Co-Founder of Create The Movement overall strategy is to move a company above the noise with welcoming websites, best-practice search engine optimization, and engaging media strategies. Create The Movement does not come in as answer guys; they come in as question guys. Create The Movement is a website development company that helps in creating and marketing websites for all kinds of companies.

Find Create The Movement on Facebook and Twitter.  

Here are a few questions and answers about The Hunt.

1.  How did the idea come about?
From Leah: Kortney and I wanted to research the power of collaborative social media marketing for small businesses. We love to shop local, so we began approaching local retailers about the concept.
From Kortney: Small business owners–especially those with storefronts–wear so many hats that often finding the time to pick up one more skill (like mastering social media) can be difficult or improbable.  With our love for both small businesses and shopping local, Leah & I wanted to create an event where retailers could experience the power social media has to drive traffic to their stores.

2.  Why you’re doing it?

From Leah: Kortney and I are entrepreneurs, and we’re always looking to learn ideas to creatively grow our businesses. The Hunt is an opportunity to not just explore this marketing concept and strategies but to also help drive traffic to local retailers.

From Kortney: With social media, Fortune 500 companies are trying to be what main street shops already are: small and personal.  It’s an exciting time in history when small business has access to the same tools big business are using–and best of all–most of them are free! As Entrepreneurs, Leah and I know the value of stretching your marketing dollars. As small business owners, we love the synergy of collaborating with other business owners.  The Hunt does both!

3.  How you’ve been able to bring it all together?

From Leah: Kortney is an extremely gifted graphic designer and creative marketer. I love creative ideas, but I’m detailed, organized, and can manage creative ideas to make them happen. Last year, the two of us collaborated on the event ideas using our various strengths. This year, by teaming up with Lisa Frein, Kazoo Marketing & Communications, and Brad Post, Movement, Inc. we are able to leverage all of our talents to bring more awareness to our vendors and event.

4.  How many people participated last year and/or how many maps were downloaded?

Last year, we had 10 storefronts and a small Etsy market. Maps were available for pick up as well as download last year, but the analytic data was not easily captured. We’ve made improvements for this year to gather great data.

5.  Goals of the event?

The Hunt has a 3-fold goal:
1) For the day of the event:  We would love to have over 100 customers participate in The Hunt and visit each “zone.” We have incentives to encourage customers to do so.
2) For the long term: We believe the event will make Tulsan’s more aware of some of the great local shops and artisans located in mid-town and downtown.
3) For our stores and artisans:  We believe when small businesses team up, everyone wins.  Part of the reason we created the event was to build community between local shops and artisans.

We have great stories from last year’s event where storefronts learned about new local artisans and eventually teamed up to carry the artisan’s products in the stores.

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