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Common Problems in Attorney Marketing Part 1

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

You may have purposed to shed the popular image of an attorney as an ambulance chaser or you might just have a vague awareness that something ain’t right. Perhaps you don’t, though. You look at your site compared to other attorneys’ sites and you think, “Yep! Mine looks as good as those other guys.”

Ask yourself this question: “Do I like being called an ambulance chaser or do I want people to tell their friends what a great attorney I am?” If you want the latter, why do you have a picture of an ambulance on your website? If you want people to see you as a serious, professional attorney who fixes their problems, why do you have a photo of a car wreck on your site that only serves to remind your clients of the worst day of their lives?

All good lawyers focus on solutions for clients, not problems. You absolutely need to name the hurt your clients need healed. They need to know that you know the problem. But for the love of all that is holy, you don’t have to show a picture of it!

When you hire CTM to fix messes like these, we will work with you to project a positive image that opens the door of hope for your clients instead of reminding them of the despair they are going through when they call.

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