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Exhibit Strength in Humility and Vice-Versa

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Humility is often mistaken for weakness. Even some dictionary definitions make this mistake. Google defines it as “a modest or low view of one’s own importance.” I like Merriam-Webster’s definition better: “The quality or state of not thinking you are better than other people.”

You should not take a low view of yourself, your company, or your abilities and accomplishments to exhibit humility. That IS weakness. Simply not thinking you’re better than others leaves plenty of room for strength. There is nothing wrong with telling others about your accomplishments or what you do will. Stating it matter-of-factly without embellishment is a way to be strong in the midst of humility.

It goes both ways. When you win, don’t gloat. Nobody likes a sore loser. We all know this. But did you know that nobody likes a sore winner either? Take your awards. Display them modestly. But don’t talk about them as if they were the only thing that matters.

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