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Is SEO Dead?

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The Past 5 Years of SEO

SEO has absolutely changed over the past five years. Since SEO is no longer an industry secret, the market has become extremely competitive. Today you can’t just stuff a bunch of keywords on the home page and hope Google doesn’t notice. The correct combination of back links, on site fixes, well produced content and social media is critical.

In 2011 Google Panda came out and made some major changes in Google’s algorithm, which through everyone for a loop and made marketers think long and hard about their SEO strategies.

Future of SEO

I think only Google knows where the future of SEO is going, and some days I don’t think they fully know. One thing is for sure, Google wants to follow the market and accommodate it’s users as best as possible. So we’ll just have to watch and see what new demands users come up with.

Viable Option

SEO is not dead and it still works. Any article about how SEO is dead is nothing more than shallow click-bate pandering for attention. I know this because my company constantly takes over websites with poor SEO structure, that don’t rank well on SERPs. Once we go in and make the necessary changes on clients can land on the first page in highly competitive markets.

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