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Why Strategy Matters in Digital Marketing

Ideas without strategy will only ever be ideas. These are words we live by as a Tulsa digital marketing firm. Obviously every company, no matter the industry, will claim to have some sort of strategy to achieve their goals, but in the world of digital marketing, strategy takes on a different meaning.

The term digital marketing broadly refers to three major components: web sites, SEO, and social media. All three of these components are in constant flux, which means a proper digital marketing strategy must alway be in flux. This begs the question:

“If a strategy is always changing, is it really a strategy?”

It does seem a bit paradoxical that we harp on sticking to strategy and then changing that strategy more than college freshmen change their majors. To keep your strategy in line and your sanity in tact, you have to do three things.

Focus on the Basics

Although the industry changes every day, the main bullet points are much slower to change. Take SEO for example, the main bullet points are (and have been since the dawn of SEO) get links, crank out content, and optimize your site appropriately. Sure the manner in which you get the job has changed considerably, but every SEO company is still trying to do these three things.

Don’t Jump the Gun

You can’t abandon ship just to be first to market. Trends come and go every day, and you need to make sure a trend is here to stay before you adjust your strategy. made a few waves when it first launched, but anyone who took time to make room for it in their social media strategy is seriously regretting it now.

Set and Access Goals

The purpose of any strategy is to achieve goals. It might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many strategies lack clear, measurable goals. When setting digital marketing goals it’s important to set goals for each part of the strategy as well as overall campaign goals. Once the goals are set, stick to them. The industry might change every day, but your goals should be consistent. The only thing that might need to change is the timeline you hold your goals to.

At first glance a constantly changing digital marketing strategy might seem like an oxymoron, but really it’s simply a highly adaptive strategy.

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