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Backlinks and Citations

SEO Backlinks

I’m not sure if you have heard of the premise of co-citation for research papers, but if so, backlinks should be an easy concept for you to grasp! Co-citation works of the basis that if you took 100 research papers on a certain subject, and check the cited resources for all of those papers, you will see a few of the same sources cited throughout these papers.

SEO Backlinks

Academics would refer to these frequently cited sources as an “authoritative source”. Essentially, if Paul, Jenny, Sally and George all find a specific source worth mentioning as the basis of their research, then clearly that source has value and should be held in higher regard than the paper that no one has ever heard of or used to further their research.

Google works the same way! If there are 100 websites and 65 (or even 2, these numbers vary dramatically) of them point to a certain website as the basis of their information it pushes that website into an “authoritative stance”, meaning that the information that can be found there is probably more valuable than that of other websites and as such will rank higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). Now with websites this gets a little more complex as there are an endless amount of websites and niches on the internet. So a link from any website can and will pass value onto your site. Now, obviously links from related sites have inherently more value, but a link from a “valuable” (in terms of search engines) site is valuable regardless of it’s subject matter. This is the premise of link building!

By getting Site A, Site B, Site D, and Sites X – Y to all link to your site with information related to your topic you build a web of relevancy that can dramatically increase the value of your site in Google’s eyes. This is the approach we are taking with an aggressive linking campaign. The idea is that more QUALITY links = higher rankings = more traffic.

So while you may not see more traffic directly from a link we may build on, it has the indirect benefit of increasing search engine rankings which will in turn and with time increase the amount of traffic you receive. We understand it all can get kind of complex rather quickly so if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask 0ne of our team members.

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