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Keeping the SEO industry in the dark

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It’s in Google’s best interest to marginalize SEO data to incentivize people to pay for more data. Google likes to keep the SEO industry in the dark. They let us know the ground rules, but when it comes to the fine details, they hold information back. Although Google may never outrightly admit it, the reason they do this is to make SEO harder so people will give up and spend money on AdWords.

This situation is actually a great example because if you were running an AdWords campaign, you can easily see an accurate click through rates.Not provided keywords

Another example of Google’s slight of hand is the infamous “not provided”. In Google Analytics you can see what organic keywords people used to find and click on your website. As you can imagine this is very important information. However, a few years ago Google took a lot of that information away and replaced it with “not provided”. As you can see by the screen shot above, the “not provided” makes up a vast majority of the total traffic.

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