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Four Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Redesign

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Website design is an important part for the future of your local business.  If you have a dated site and in need of a redesign here are four things we look at and why your website might need a new look.

1) Structure of the site

Have you ever been cooking something, only to realize you forgot to add a crucial ingredient to the mix after what you were cooking has been in the oven for a half hour? We have. It is no fun.

The same thing can happen when you don’t incorporate strategic structure in a website redesign. Deciding how you’ll structure the site is critical to the new website — it saves money and time, cuts down on changes, and most importantly, sets up the site for success upon the new re-launch.

2) Content Creation

Content creation is very important of any company’s website, and most companies start (smartly) with an internal blog. And anyone who has started blogging knows there’s no time like the now to begin. Search engines can take a while to index website pages, so the sooner you can get new pieces of content up, the more likely the search engines will index your site more often.

Don’t wait until the site launches to begin blogging — start as soon as possible.

3) User Experience

Structuring a website for user experience is no easy task — it takes research, planning, and careful consideration to create web pages that are suited to different audiences.  Not everyone is ready to buy when they land on your websites homepage, so tailoring the content, creating a great structure and making an solid user experience helps to foster a high visitor to lead conversion rate.

It may seem like more work up, more time and more money, but it pays off. Trust me, we’ve been there.

4) Responsive or Mobile Sites

With the growing of smart phones, we have found that sites being searched by a mobile device are around 35% and growing rapidly.  It is important that your site have either a responsive design or a mobile friendly site so it can be not only found but also read from a mobile device.

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