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Building a Search Friendly Site

Tulsa Mobile Website Design

You don’t need a website redesign because it will impress your friends or whoever else. You don’t need a website redesign to look cool, or Tulsa Mobile Website Designawesome for its own sake. You invest when it will affect your bottom line.

Sometimes the right aesthetic can be an important piece, but it’s not beauty, or cool for its own sake. It all goes back growing credible relationships, telling stories, and growing clients and customers for life.

This doesn’t happen through merely communicating facts, it’s about engaging and inspiring belief.

At the base level, your Website Design is like a great gift wrapping of a present. It’s not the gift, but it sets the tone: it’s not the story, but it delivers the story in a way that can best be received. If your brand is cutting-edge tech, your website needs to reflect that. You get the gist.

For some companies, you need to jump because it is not a perfectly good airplane. For some, it’s obvious (you know who you are.)

For others, this takes going back to why. Why do you have a website? Is yours meeting your goals? Could it do more for you?

A mobile world

We are at a unique period in time, In the last five years we’ve seen an unprecedented advance of smartphone website access.

When people want to find something, they use their phone. The solution was building a Mobile version of your website. The limitations to maintaining two different versions of a website are painfully clear.

Back in 2008, Aaron Walters wrote a book, Building Findable Websites, which introduced us to the concept of a ubiquitous web (which was a conversation that started back in 2005 in the World Wide Web Consortium). Yes, we had to look ubiquitous up. It means universal, or everywhere content.

“…focusing on technologies to enable Web access for anyone, anywhere, anytime, using any device.” –WC3 (

To break that down: Your content is in one place, and one place only. You have a central hub — your website content — which is delivered to each different device in a way tailored for optimum experience.

Your branded site is awesome, no matter what device you pull it up on, whether, iOS or Android phone, any of the different tablets, and any size laptop or desktop monitor. What was an interesting discussion in 2005 is now becoming reality.

The only hitch is this; it’s not automatic. You have to program and design for each device, often rebuilding or at least correcting, to make it work for each resolution, browser and operating system.

This is the Web today. It is work, but this is now the standard. Why? Because it’s the way your customers want to interact with you. That’s a good reason why.

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