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Most of our clients are in the ultra-competitive legal marketing space. Trial attorneys succeed by out-researching, and hustling to over-prepare, so they are not caught flat-footed, because at the end of the day, it’s is all about winning against their opponents. But where do you begin when all of the rules have changed, and nothing in your training has prepared you to succeed in the arena in which you now stand? You need someone that knows the rules, is willing and able to fight for you, and will coach you how to take advantage of the marketing disruption.

Don’t fight fair.Tulsa Web Designers

Guerrilla marketing is the name of the game.

Ok, that’s great. What does that mean, really? We find that many organizations that we work with just really wish the Yellow Pages still worked. It’s time to shed the tired old methods, and get to work building connections with real human beings that are looking for you. The measurement of success is how much it actually costs to get a new client. Simple math.

How do you go guerrilla?

  • Focus on telling your brand story in a way that means something to people. Keep it easy to digest, easy to understand, and easy to act upon.
  • In building your message, always give value first — way before expecting a return.
  • Get lean and mean with the way your Tulsa website delivers content. Start with the right message, and build your site with simple communication as the standard.
  • Make it easy for people to respond and connect with you.
  • Broadcast in the right channels — find the medium that fits the message, and hit it hard.
  • Constantly improve your site and advertising with real user data.

It’s because of our experience with attorney marketing that we are confident that we can create a strategy that will both simplify and strengthenyour web presence, measured by a lower cost per actual client relationship.

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