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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Facebook Ads Campaign

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Do you suggest using dedicated landing pages for campaigns, if so, what software do you use – do you design and develop the pages, or are we responsible for that, OR, do you send traffic directly to the client’s website?

It depends on the campaign. For Ecommerce, we usually want to send the traffic to the website, but for lead generation or other verticals a landing page can make more sense. We use Unbounce for landing pages but can also work with Elementor/Wordpress. We normally design the landing pages as part of our retainer.


Do you utilize FB pixels?

Absolutely! We would not be able to do anything of significance without the Pixel.


How often do you utilize creative refreshes?

It depends on the client, but usually every couple of weeks. A client spending $1500 per month will need less creative refresh than a client spending $150k per month.


Do you design the creatives needed for the ADS?

Yes, we do. However, we like to get product photos or creatives from the client to use in our own designs.


Do you write the copy needed for the ADS?

Yes, we do.


When a client gets started with you/us, after our initial discovery call, do you provide some kind of strategy overview for the client to approve before official work begins?

Normally we discuss the strategy on the discovery call. We can make it sound really fancy, but it’s basically just buying the ads in a way that influences FB’s algorithm to reward us. There’s definitely a methodology of buying ads but it’s not as glamorous as the clients often think.

We have a few different strategies (low/slow, 388, bully bid, high budget/low bid, etc) we like to use depending on various factors (does the client have sales already, do they have data on the pixel already, etc.). The launch strategy is usually about 5 interest-based ad sets, then lookalikes, then broad. Our goal is to train FB’s AI to go out and find people. We also use manual bidding when spending over $3k-5k per day.


Do you utilize lookalike audiences from email lists?

Yes. We will do this if the client has a strong email list. It’s even better if the client can send us their customer list with purchase values attached, as that optimizes much better.

Do you utilize remarketing in campaigns?

Absolutely! Some of our highest converting campaigns are remarketing campaigns. We don’t charge extra for this either, because it helps us get the clients a much better result.

Could you explain a little bit more thoroughly how the targeting and reach works for paid campaigns? 

Usually the targeting is gender based and depends on the service area of the practice. Typically it’s 10-20 miles from the location, but sometimes less. This location seems to be in a pretty dense area, so we would just need to know from the client how far people are willing to drive for their services. 

For interest targeting, we usually let FB sort this out for us. Because there is a relatively small group on local campaigns, we use the ad copy to target and let FB’s deliver interpret and deliver ads accordingly. This gets a much lower cost per lead than trying to laser-target a group of people interested in a specific procedure. 

Will the recent changes to iOS devices and asking apps to not track the user’s behaviors have a negative impact on these kinds of campaigns?

Yes, these changes have a negative impact. It’s affecting ecommerce campaigns a lot more negatively than local lead generation. It’s important to be able to track what users do after they leave Facebook and which products they view when the goal is a website purchase. When the goal is a booking or a lead, we can optimize based on action taken on-Facebook, which are not impacted by the iOS14 update. 

In your experience, what sorts of things do you typically promote via paid social that leads to the highest engagement? Is it branding, or promotion/sale specific messages? Or events? Something different?

Specific offers/promos for specific services have the highest conversion rate. For example: $5 Botox or $15,000 All On 4 Dental Implants, or $500 GainsWave Treatment (of course restrictions apply to these offers). Basically we need a competitive offer that sounds really good, and that’s easy to understand. A bad offer would be, “$1 Botox injections on first visit, second visit $5, third visit $10” – In that case we would just put $1 Botox on the ad and let the practice explain the additional discounts on future visits. It just needs to be really simple and easy for a person to understand in a matter of seconds. 

One important thing to remember is that the practice has to handle the sales. We can get interested people to contact them, but they have to close the deal. We sometimes see practices treating leads as patients who are extremely interested or dying to come into the practice. This results in a lower conversion rate because the practice will wait days to contact a lead or basically not really try hard to book the appointment. 

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