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SEO Content: An Ultimate Guide on Creating Content

Getting your website to rank higher in search engines is the desire of all website owners. There have been many trends in recent years that have helped some sites rank higher for a short time, but these trends rarely last. The best way to make your site rank high in search is to have superior content.

Putting The Right Content On Your Site

The quality of your content is the leading factor of how your site will rank in search. Previously, the search engines searched for things like video content or the number of sites linking to the page to determine if the site should be considered an authority site. Of course, using common keywords also helps with ranking, but overstuffing keywords causes your site to fall back in ranks.

So how do you create the ultimate content? Use the following hacks to create quality content for your site.

Use Trending Topics and Phrases

For example, if your content is about using a product you are selling, the most common title people would use is: How To Use X Product or something similar. However, one of the biggest trending words on the Internet is “Hack” and varieties of the word. So, to create higher quality content in the eyes of the search engine, you may want to consider a title such as “5 Hacks to Get The Most From X Product.”

Target Your Audience

If you are selling a product geared at people 50-70, you will want to make sure that the writing style is something that they can relate to when it is read. The same applies if your target audience is aged 15-30. If your target audience does not feel that you connect with them, they will not stay on your website.

Guides Should Have Paper Formats

It may seem obsolete to provide a pdf for a How-to-Use guide or similar document that you have on your site, but it is not. Many people want to save a file to their computer for future reference or print it out for more detailed reading. When you provide this type of service on your site, you enhance the visitor’s experience and improve your ranking at the same time.

Make Sure You Use Specific Keywords

The Internet is endless. This is something that you must remember. If you want people to find your site, your keywords must be as targeted as possible. For example, if you are selling children’s games, using the keyword children’s books repeatedly will not help you rank high or compete with mega-retailers. However, if you use keywords such as games for disabled children or games for children with disabilities, you have created a targeted audience that will drive more people to your site and help you rank higher in search.

Update Older Posts

Everything changes daily. Products improve, trends change, and even laws can impact a previous post on your site. Revisit older posts to your site and complete a follow-up on the post. This helps you rank higher because you are improving the visitor’s experience while using new trending topics.

Make Sure You Are Mobile Friendly

According to the latest research by Google, over 67 percent of all Internet browsing is now conducted on a phone or tablet. You need to make sure that your site and all of your relevant posts are mobile-friendly. If your site is not mobile-friendly, it will automatically rank lower on the search engine, regardless of your content quality.

Don’t Forget Social Media

People as a whole love social media. Make sure that your site has a presence on social media that is both fun and informational. You do not want to spend all of your efforts on social media promoting your site or products. You want to create a personality for your business and give your potential customers a place to interact with you and your company. A good social media presence will improve your rankings in all search engines.

Focus on A Niche

If you really want to make your content stand out, make sure that your content on your site focuses on a niche in the market. If you are selling X-gadget, you do not want any posts on your site relating to the weather. While this is a poor example, most people can relate that they have some content on their site that is not 100 percent relevant because they want to feel like their site contains “enough” information or pages to be considered relevant.

Focusing on a niche area and providing quality and enhanced information about that niche will help your site become high ranking because the search engines will qualify it as an expert site on that subject.

Connect With Influencers

Instagram is the latest place for people to go and learn about new products and services. Interacting with an influencer will help increase your content ranking because your site will be referenced in other Internet areas. How do you interact with an influencer? Just contact them and build a relationship. It is not as hard to do as you may think.

Quality Writing

Of course, the quality of your content will always remain a key issue with your site. Your written content has to be something that a person wants to read. You have to drive curiosity to create informational content that will bring people back to reference what you write. Written content will always remain the driving force of your content and how well it ranks in search.

It may seem complicated to create quality content for your site, but the easiest way is to step back and think about what you would expect when visiting another site. Do you want informational content that is easy to find and read? Do you want content that relates to you personally? Do you want the convenience of searching for the information when you are on your phone or tablet? Creating content that would appeal to you is a great way of creating content that will appeal to others.

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