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Common Problems in Attorney Marketing Part 3


Following the Crowd

There is a fine line between communicating the things that are common in your profession and following the crowd. As an attorney, you need your potential clients to know certain things that are the same as what other similar firms or individual attorneys do. They need to know your education, experience, background, and areas of specialty, to name a few.

However, problems for your firm and your brand arise when your site looks too much like everyone else’s. If you don’t have someone in your office who periodically checks in on the websites of other firms in your area, you should. If you are just starting to rethink your site design and brand, you want to make sure you’re not mimicking the others. If you’re happy with your site and the uniqueness it had when it was built, you need to see what others are doing, especially if you’ve noticed a dip in your business. Sites change all the time, and trends happen when competitors latch on to what is working. Others may be copying something you’ve done that has worked.

Give us a call if you’d like us to sit down with you to take a look at your site and compare it with your competitors’ sites.

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