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Common Problems in Attorney Marketing Part 4

Common Problems in Attorney Marketing Part 4

The Wrong Idea

There is nothing more frustrating for us as a marketing team than when we see a law firm that understands having a brand but misses the mark in how they choose it.

We once looked at a firm that had a very well applied brand theme throughout every part of their communication: business cards, letterhead, advertisements, and website. This is exactly what we want our clients to do, and we were thrilled to see it in theory. The problem is that this was a law firm that specialized in medical malpractice, and what did they chose for their theme? Graphics that were reminiscent off the TV-show ER! That’s almost like a cattle ranch branding their steers with the word “Vegan”!

This might be worse than branding that sends no message at all. Having no message is a problem. Sending a mixed message is a bigger problem. The potential clients for this law firm didn’t know if the firm would work for them or the people they were suing.

Not every branding misfire is as obvious as this one. Ask us to include a check for more subtle branding mistakes when we look at your overall marketing strategy.

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