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Common Problems in Attorney Marketing Part 5

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Putting All Your Eggs in the SEO Basket

We’re going to focus this time specifically on your website. If you don’t know that SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”, you haven’t talked to many people about your law firm’s website. Either that or you have, they never explained it, and you’re saying to yourself, “Oh! THAT’S what it stands for!”

To hear most web designers talk, you’d think there is nothing else to talk about. Whether they call it SEO or search engine rankings or Google listings, most of us involved in web design put an awful lot of emphasis on it. We’d be foolish and unprofessional if we told you it is utterly unimportant, but it is folly to make it your sole goal to get into the top 4 or 5 search results for the keywords your clients are searching. Why? And what else IS there?

That’s what you need us for. You wouldn’t pin all your hopes for your case on one single witness or a solitary piece of evidence no matter how critical your client believes it is. Even if they’re right, you’re going to corroborate it with other witnesses, evidence and logic. Don’t pin all your internet hopes on one thing, no matter how important it is. When we evaluate your website, we’ll bring our own version of “corroborating evidence” to your website.

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