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How Video Content can Revolutionize your Marketing Strategy

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In the world of YouTube, Internet videos have become a massive worldwide phenomenon. A viral video can amass millions of views in a matter of days, bringing untold publicity to the creator. And with thousands of hours of video uploaded to YouTube every day, the industry shows no signs of slowing down. Once a rarity on the Internet, better technology and faster Internet service has made high-quality video available to virtually everyone.

For any business, video production is a valuable addition to their 2017 marketing strategy. A well-made video can increase your brand’s visibility and promote your business to audiences across the world. Videos are more engaging and dynamic than traditional static ads, making it much easier to catch–and keep–your clients’ attention. And with virtually limitless possibilities, your video could shock, excite, entertain, and inform, taking your marketing to the next level.

How Do Videos Increase your Brandability?

Traditional ads are a valuable part of any marketing strategy. But video marketing adds an extra layer of engagement that you don’t get with static advertisements. When your clients watch a video, they’re not passively viewing a picture or scanning a block of text–they’re actively engaging with your content. And this increased engagement makes them more likely to pursue your brand further, checking out your website and viewing your products or services. Watching a video means active engagement, even if it’s as simple as hitting the “Play” button.

Videos also expand your range of content. Ads, videos, pictures, blog posts, websites, social media networks–a diverse portfolio of marketing content helps you appeal to a broad range of people. The more quality content you create, the more your audience will grow. A professionally-made video establishes your brand as a dedicated content creator, not just another business on the Internet.

What Kind of Videos can Engage your Audience?

Knowing your audience is an important aspect of video production. Before you hire a company to make your video, you need to assess your target audience and determine their interests and needs. People are more likely to watch a video with content that’s tailored toward their lifestyle. What’s your audience’s age range? What are their common interests? Their typical lifestyles? Their general political beliefs? All this information and more can help you market your video toward your audience, which results increased engagement.

A good video is relevant to the audience. Think about what you can offer the viewer. Your video might suggest helpful hints or “life hacks,” offer a product or service that’s valuable to your target audience, improve your clients’ lives in some way, entertain or inform your audience, or replace some old and inconvenient technology. If your video is a blatant commercial or marketing pitch, most clients will scroll past. But if you’re offering something that’s relevant to their lives, they’ll be more likely to stop and watch your video.

How do you Capture your Audience’s Interest?

A well-made video catches the viewer’s attention right away. In today’s world of social media, many people prefer short bursts of information. They won’t sit down and watch a 3-4 minute video unless it catches their attention from the very beginning. The best production companies make videos that immediately hook the audience, keep their attention throughout the clip, and end the video with a call to action that makes them want to buy the product or service.

Great videos are also clean, efficient, and professionally made. Cheesy, unprofessional videos have gone viral, but usually for the wrong reasons! Every piece of content that you create represents your business, and a well-made video gives your brand an air of professionalism. But this doesn’t mean that you have to shell out millions of dollars for a big budget video. A good video can be simple, professional, and cheaply produced. Bad videos have been made on huge budgets, and great videos have been made on small budgets. Ultimately, a good content creator can work on just about any budget.

Where can I Buy Videos for my Business?

If you’re ready to increase your brandability, Create the Movement offers high-quality videos that are specifically tailored toward your brand and target audience. With state-of-the-art equipment and a team of video experts, we have the tools to help you market your business. Our videos are sleek, engaging, and professionally made, with rich content that catches your audience’s attention. With us, you’re not just paying for a commercial–you’re making a true investment into the future of your business.

In addition to quality content, our videos are optimized to give you top hits on the world’s biggest search engines. Once they’re completed, we distribute our videos to major video hosting websites, ensuring maximum visibility. Essentially, we’re not only creating content–we’re also helping you market it. And we’re confident that it won’t be long before you see the results.

If you’re ready to revolutionize your marketing strategy, you can get in touch with us at (918) 770-0211 or fill out the Contact form on our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

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