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How to Make a Video: Guide to Video Production

Businesses know that video content can enhance brand awareness and can help make connections with potential clients. What most businesses do not know, however, is how to make a quality video. Making a video may seem like an overwhelming task, but it does not have to be that way.

To make a quality video for your business, you need to break down the process into steps. Each step should be completed before moving to the next. When you approach video making in this manner, it becomes much easier.


Video production can be broken down into three components.


1- Pre-Production

2- Production

3- Post-Production


Each of these sections can be further reduced into subsections to make the task even easier to complete.


Step 1 – Pre-Production of Video


When you have decided to create a video for your business, you must ask yourself the following questions:


* What will be the objective of this video?


This determines the true purpose of the video. This is what you want your potential clients to do once they have seen the video. Decide if you want them to make a purchase, sign up for a free trial, join a group, or any other objects that you may have.


* What will be the message that needs to be conveyed?


Do you want to have a conversation with your client? Do you want them to feel a sense of urgency? Are you trying to make their life easier in any way? YOu will need to figure out what message you want to convey before you begin on the script. This will help you stay focused during the process.


* What is my target audience for the video?


Who you are trying to reach is an important factor in your pre-planning. It is nearly impossible to target everyone with a single video. You will want to select a group of potential clients to focus on for each video. If your demographics include several different targets, you may need several videos to reach them all.


* What does that audience find appealing and engaging?


Knowing what your target audience responds well to will be a major part of the video’s success. For example, retirees’ video advertising services would be more receptive if it featured retirees in the video.


Now that you have established this information, you can begin the creative process. During pre-planning, you will want to:


* Create a script that is conversational and easy to understand

* Select a filming location that will enhance your viewer’s response

* Cast your video


During this part of the production, it may be necessary to acquire rights to film different areas or objects, get releases from the actors, and get the rights for any musical score you may use in the video’s background.


Step 2 – Production


If you are trying to set up the video yourself, this is when you begin filming. Many businesses use a professional to conduct this part of the production because they have the skills necessary to make a great video. Remember, this video will represent your company, product, or service; it has to look professional.


Step 3- Post-Production


Post-production includes several steps that are important to a great launch for your video campaign.


* Editing Your Video


You will have to edit your video to convey your message, evoke an emotion in viewers, and encourage a response. You will also have to make sure that the video’s length meets time constraints for different marketing strategies. It is important to keep your videos short to keep viewers interested.


* Adding Music, Voiceovers, and Credits


The final editing stage is adding the background music and voiceovers that you may be using and providing credit for the video work. Once this has been completed, your video will be almost ready to launch.


* Establishing Where the Video Will Be Hosted


Are you going to post this video on YouTube? Will you host it on a different video site? Are you going to keep it on the company server? Where the video will be stored is an important part of video success.


* Establishing Where Video Will Be Posted


You need to figure out your marketing strategy for your video. Will it only be found in a marketing email? Is it only on your main site? Do you want to be used for social media marketing? You may even want to run multiple campaigns so that you can see where the video is most effective in converting viewers into clients.


* Tracking Video Success


To get the most ROI for your video, you will want to make sure that you can track the success of the video. All Internet marketing requires the use of analytics so that you can see who responds to what type of marketing you are putting on the web. Ensure that any program you use for your video will allow you to track information about the click rate of the video so you can use this information to develop your next marketing video.


It Is Time To Launch Your Video


Following each of these steps will allow you to create a great video for your business. Marketing videos have become one of the hottest marketing tools on the Internet. People love to watch videos instead of reading the detailed content. Anyone who has a video for their site will generate more sales than those without.

The most important thing to remember is that a quality video takes planning. The planning part is perhaps the longest part of the whole project. However, once you master the steps for planning a video, each new video you produce will be much easier to film.

Videos have become a way for people to connect with businesses on the Internet. Your video does not have to be overly elaborate to be considered a great video. It just needs to be personable, relatable, and easy to understand. If you can convey your message in this manner and keep that message short and sweet, you will enjoy success from your video marketing venture.


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