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Tips for Running an International Google Ads

If you are ready to take your Internet marketing campaign to the next level and start reaching out to international clients, it is important that you are aware of the many differences in advertising internationally.

Set Up Google Campaigns For Each Time Zone

It will always be in your best interest to set up separate campaigns for your international marketing and your national marketing. This will ensure that your budgeted daily amount is not spent in all one area, leaving distant time zones without any marketing action.

This is perhaps one of the most important things that you will need to do when marketing internationally. It will be impossible to gauge results if you cannot accurately determine if any of your advertisements were being shown in the area.

Research Keywords For The Area

The ways that people search for items on the Internet differ across the world. keywords and search phrases that work amazingly well in the US may not even be used overseas in the same way. Google Trends can help you research the trends and keywords used in the areas that you are planning to market your product or service.

Understand Monetary Differences

You will have to make sure that any advertising that you do overseas and any links to your products or services will have the right monetary denominations attached. Offering something for $5.00 US may not be as accepted overseas as someone seeing the product pricing in their own denominations.

This can take a little research and site manipulation. However, if you want to enter into that market, you have to be willing to make your marketing accommodate the needs of those you are trying to reach.

Regulatory Issues

Every country has unique laws regarding the Internet and marketing. There are even laws in place that may limit what information you can use to target your audience or find out about your audience to plan your campaign. Make sure that you review any necessary laws before launching your campaign.

Target Large Cities Internationally

As with any marketing campaign, it could take one or two months of managing the campaign to fine-tune it for the best return on investment. Since you will be working with a foreign market, you will want to target the larger populated areas at first so that you can gather enough information to adjust your campaign.

Consider Cultural Nuances

It is hard to think that a logo design or statement or a page layout could be a turn-off for some cultures, but it can be. For example, Americans lean towards a more spacious landing page that does not have “in your face” calls to action all over the page. In Japan, a more cluttered page, preferably with lucky symbols, is more appealing to the consumers than one that is designed to appeal to Americans.

Some cultures find the use of purples, golds, and sometimes reds as offensive. Some cultures are very polite and find crude sayings offensive. And some cultures will find it offensive if there is no direct mention of their country in the advertisement.

Do the necessary research when you are targeting an area so that you can develop a marketing strategy specifically for those consumers. This will give you the best results.

Target Market

Different cultures also have different target markets for the same products. It will be necessary to find out who your target market will be in the area you select.

Overall Marketing Strategy

It may sound like a lot of work to launch an international marketing campaign, and you are right. It takes time and effort to create a marketing campaign that will get the results you desire.

There are many different marketing tools and research sites that you can use to help you build a solid strategy for overseas marketing campaigns that you can use for free. Google has many tools for developers just for this reason.

If you really want to have an international presence and are not feeling secure about making a marketing plan, you can always reach out to a digital marketing agency that understands the trends and nuances of marketing internationally. This may be the easiest way to start your marketing expansion.

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