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Feed Your Mind

Managing to squeeze a 4-year degree into 14 years was not easy. Due to having kids at a young age and starting my career kept …

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10001 Words

So my 16-year-old daughter came to me a few weeks back and said, she felt led to inspire teens.  I encouraged her to do it …

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4 Ways Movement Can Help Your Company

Here are four ways Movement Marketing affects your organization’s bottom line: We position your brand to be found where your ideal customers are looking. We frame …

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Okay, I Wrote My Blog. Now What?

I’m going to apologize for this analogy up front, because I’m going to compare our writing to manure. If you collect manure in one place, …

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Steps to a Great Blog

Any blog is better than no blog for your website, but having a great blog requires some deliberate planning. These steps will get you there: …

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CTM Services

Why Should I Blog?

A blog is an incredibly effective way to build your business, even if no one reads it. “How can that be?” you ask? The answer …

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Client Relationships

Sit in Your Client’s Seat

Client Relationships Professionals by definition have specialized knowledge refined by training and experience. There are things you talk about every single day that most people …

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Five Principles I Have Learned About Leadership

1) Influence is not about a position Many people have the assumption that you need to have a title in order to be a leader.  …

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Retargeting Your Website

First of all what is Retargeting?? Lets look at it this way, your customers are always switching between browsers, devices, and apps. From a friendly, …

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Cook Yancey Receives Beacon of Justice Award

We are excited to announce that one of our clients, Cook Yancey, has received the Beacon of Justice Award. The National Legal Aid and Defender Association …

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